M.S. in Computer Science with Specialiation in Networks and Security

Retention Requirements

Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements

University requires all graduate students demonstrate satisfactory academic progress at the end of each academic year. Such progress will be determined by the following:

1. Satisfactory Academic Index

The graduate student must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of :

a)  2.50 for the first eleven (11) credits completed.

b) 3.00 for twelve (12) credits completed and then after finishing the degree.

Completed credits definition include all courses in which the following grades apply, A, B, C, F, P, NP, o T (T indicates transferred credit)

Required Grades

Any student of Masters Program must pass at least 75 percent of the credits attempted.

Attempted Credits - will be considered as credits attempted credits of courses in which the grades and notations of A, B , C, F , P , NP , AD, I, W , or T are obtained.

Approvals - approvals will be considered as credits for courses in which grades of A, B , C, P or T are obtained.

Academic Probation

All students whom academic progress is not in accordance with the institutions established criteria will be subject to an academic probation. The period of probation will be determined by the Registration Office based on current institutional guidelines. For more information please contact the Program Coordinator.

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