M.S. in Computer Science with Specialiation in Networks and Security

Graduation Requirements

Minimum Academic Index and Required Grades

To complete the program of Masters in Computer Science with Specialization in Networks and Security the student must complete the following requirements:

Complete all core courses (33 credits).

Complete 2 prescribed distributed courses (6 credits).

Have a GPA of 3.00 of higher.

Successfully complete the program comprehensive exam.

Comprehensive Exam

The student must:

  1. complete a comprehensive exam with a grade of 75% or more.
  2. be in good standard under the academic progress norm to take the comprehensive exam.
  3. have completed 30 credit hours of program core courses.
  4. solicit 30 days in advanced before the exam date. Please inquire with the program coordinator about these dates.
  5. present evidence of comprehensive exam payment.

Time Limit to Complete Degree

Students must complete the degree in 7 years after they are admitted.

For students with transferred credits please consult with the program coordinator the years of eligibility as transferred credits count towards the maximum time a student is allowed on the program for completion purposes.

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